The Collected Victorian

whole home design


Restoring an 1890 Queen Anne Victorian home with a historically unique design that breathes welcomed whimsy into the interiors.

When a fire in 2017 prompted the previous owners to make significant upgrades (like new electrical systems and central air), the renovation process stripped away some of the home’s character. Recognizing this as an opportunity, we set out to restore some of its former glory while tastefully infusing touches of modern charm. 

Now, the days of taupe and brown monotony are a distant memory. We transformed the interiors into a light and airy haven, defying the conventional Victorian aesthetic. Unexpected colors, patterns, and textures now grace the space, creating an inviting atmosphere that mirrors the vibrant personalities within. 

A standout feature emerged as we dismantled the Mid-century brick fireplace to install a reclaimed marble mantle, which we happily scouted during one of our routine treasure hunts. This historic piece – hailing from a fellow Chicago home built in the same year (1890) – now commands attention as the focal point of the main floor’s living space.

More than a restoration endeavor, this home is a celebration of creativity. By blending the past with the present, its personal spaces feel both enduring and filled with personality.

Photography by Heather Talbert
Taken during tenure at Centered by Design

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