Where you’ll find colorful interiors that tell your story – the story of who you are and what you love. It’s a personal approach that makes for more interesting and more joyful living.

Our Design Studio


We embrace the playful side of design – bending the rules, mixing things up, and creating visually rich schemes that mean something to you.

At Meghan Jay Design, finding a way for opposites to get along is our specialty.

Combining classic and modern elements reinforces a far-from-boring yet familiar feel. A well-coordinated palette of neutral and bold colors, patterns, and textures makes designing exciting and completely transforms the mood in a room. And weaving in vintage treasures with the new adds character and purpose.

Every space designed by MJD follows those principles while taking on a style of its own. One that’s made to stand the test of time because it’s all yours.

We'll preserve what you love while incorporating new layers of creativity and authenticity throughout our collaboration together. At the end of the day, our hope is for you to feel both at ease expressing yourself and joyful about making memories within the collected, character-filled place you cherish: home.

We embrace the playful side of design – bending the rules, mixing things up, and creating visually rich schemes that mean something to you.

Story time.
Get to know Meghan Jay.

Expert vintage shopper, residential designer, bold color combo creator, and self-proclaimed Francophile.

After accumulating a notable assortment of degrees and professional experiences, Meghan pivoted to pursue her passion by first earning a residential interior design certificate from NYIAD. Since opening her self-titled studio in 2020, Meghan has polished her skills by serving as COO/creative director for one of Chicago’s premier design firms. 

In addition to renovating her family’s 1890 Queen Anne Victorian, she now dedicates much of her career focus to catering to MJD clients who implicitly trust her to take a little risk when defining interiors that'll bring them the most joy.

Hailing from Connecticut and having lived in NYC for 11 years, Meghan brings a no-nonsense approach and touch of collegiate charm to her designs. 

The biggest influences on her design sense: her travels around the world, an upbringing surrounded by Pierre Deux French provençal fabrics and furnishings, and her son and daughter (who share her love of color). Meghan also has a weakness for sentimental objects and quirky curiosities. Basically, anything that’s lived a long, story-filled life. That’s why you can bet the vacation souvenir of choice for her will always be a sourced piece to remember the destination.

Meghan lives in Evanston, IL, with her husband and their two children. On weekends, you can often find her thrifting or rummaging through local estate sales with her energetic little sidekicks in tow. It’s all about paying close attention to the treasures around us while making special memories.

Our Design Virtues

We Cherish Authenticity

Realness is our cornerstone. We take time to get to know you, embracing who you are and the character of your space. Doing so leads to honest interiors that feel tailor-made for you. 

We Create With Great Care

Our creative process is unfussy & collaborative. You’ll be fully supported and gently educated through design decisions as we envision and achieve the possibilities for your home. All while having fun along the way!

We Enjoy The Balancing Act

Harmonizing architecture, furnishings, and personal needs is a delicate dance. But one we’re always happy to participate in. We weigh every detail carefully to establish what looks beautiful and works even better.

We have had an outstanding experience working with Meghan on the design of our new home. She consistently brought original, creative ideas to our projects, and each one exceeded our expectations.


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The doors to our blog are always open. It’s where we share more personal moments with you – including our best advice from vintage shopping adventures, lessons on using color in a sophisticated way, and Meghan’s labor of love renovating her 1890 Queen Anne Victorian into an idyllic family home.